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Cisco Offers 2015 Networking Forecast, Expects Wi-Fi to Exceed Wired Traffic
Saturday, 04 June 2011 03:57

Cisco has published its networking forecast for 2010-2015 and some of the things that it is forecasting are impressive. Cisco expects annual IP traffic to hit the zetabyte threshold by the end of 2015. That is 966 exabytes per year or about 80.5 exabytes each month. The report notes that global IP traffic has increased by a factor of eight times in the last five years and will increase by another factor of four in the next five years.

By 2015, the traffic across global IP networks every five minutes will be the equivalent to the data size of all movies ever made. There will be six million households globally that are consuming a terabyte of data each month. That isn't hard to fathom with the way everything is moving towards streaming deliveries for software and video.

The report also shows that the number of connected devices on the internet will be twice as high as it is today by 2015. A growing amount of the traffic will be for non-computer devices by 2015 as well. One key factor from the report is that traffic from wireless devices will exceed the traffic for wired devices by 2015. That isn't hard to imagine either with many rural areas only able to get web access via wireless methods.

The traffic during the so-called busy hour will increase by a factor of five between now and 2015. The traffic during the busy hour by 2015 will be the equivalent of 200 million people streaming HD video continuously.


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